Importance of AV in Enterprise

High-quality Audio-Visual solutions serve as a primary conduit between companies, customers, and employees. A proper upkeep of audio-visual communication systems will significantly contribute a brand value and productivity of the enterprises, thereby improving the profitability of business.


For your organization, the reception area is a gateway that symbolizes its eminence. Therefore, its role is imperative for the company. The advanced Audio Visual technologies aim to bring the right solution which includes display, lighting and sound, a perfect fit for the reception area.

Focus room

The most common focus room design is envisioned to only be large enough for one to two people. The use has evolved from only being used for phone calls to heads down individual work thus providing a more private and focused setting to the employees. Ultimately, it is important to provide good acoustic separation between the focus rooms and adjacent spaces in order to minimize sound transfers.

Huddle room

Today’s workplace has been hit by a tremendous change with the intervention of audiovisual aids. As organisations begin to leverage the power of video collaboration — the benefits of VC for everyone (and not just senior management) are clear. Collaboration between remote team members gets smoother, helping employees become more responsive to opportunities and client requirements. The advanced AV solution optimizes your huddle room, making it more compact and in-sync with today’s digital world.

Meeting room

A meeting room is the place where ideas are shared, decisions are made and framed with the execution of a plan. The audio/visual systems in your meeting room must be designed to be user friendly and be highly reliable. Equipped with high-quality visuals and sounds, display boards, the online meeting platform solutions should meet the needs of the workplace.

Conference room

An inviting and easy-to-use conference room Inspire collaboration among your team, clients and partners. Combined with best-in-class technologies like audio, video, display, lighting and system control it fuels creativity and communication among the attendees. Whether you need to host a web conference, audio conference call or a full high-quality video conference, the well-equipped conference room enhances productivity and effectiveness of your meetings.

Training center

The introduction of technology is not new in the field of teaching and learning. A massive technological intervention hit the 21st century, and its effect could be witnessed in our learning spaces such as schools, colleges, institutions, etc.

Audiovisual integrators have brought a visible change in the teaching & learning process and come up with the best in its field of technology, which aims at providing a techno-engaging atmosphere for the learners to help them achieve efficiency in their learning programs.

Town hall

In any business organization, the town hall is an area where meetings take place with a live audience, as the speaker directs his/her moments while delivering the concerned topic.

Town hall meetings help corporations augment their top-down communication model with a more direct broadcast method.

A good town hall infrastructure consists of systems that captures and broadcasts it to local and optionally a live Remote-Audience. Visual & Sound are basic needs of solutions but it is also essential to accommodate additional AV device like mixers, digital signage, Multi-Media Streaming, broadcast & more.


In every organization, a cafeteria is a place where employees eat, chat, and allow themselves some free time out of their work schedule. Today the cafeteria isn’t the same but has become digitized in every which way. The AV aids to modify your cafeteria befitting it for small corporate meetings and events apart from its general role as a leisure space.


List of projects we accomplished in enterprise sector

  • GMR Power Plants
  • GE Power Controls
  • Sanghi Group of Industries
  • Kesoram and Vasavdatta Cements
  • Asian Paints (India) Ltd.
  • MRF Ltd
  • Sea Ways
  • GE Capital International Service, Hi-Tec City
  • G E I Process, Hi-Tec City
  • Pantaloons Retail (India) Ltd
  • Vibha Seeds
  • Dr. Reddy's Labs, Vizag
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Bank of India, Zonal Office, Redhills
  • State Bank of Hyderabad
  • Grand Iays Bank of India

  • Saint Gobain Vetrotex India Ltd
  • Northgate
  • Tech Mahindra Technology Centre, Bahadurpally
  • Datatree India Pvt Ltd
  • Smart Technologies, Hyderabad
  • Motorola India – Software, Rajbhavan Road
  • Tech Mahindra, Info City
  • Sierra Atlantic – Banjara Hills
  • Kanbay India – Hitec City
  • Cyient, Hitec City
  • Dell, Hitec City
  • TATA Consultancy Services, Hitec City
  • TATA Tele Services, Hitec City
  • Delloite Consulting
  • Karvy Consultancies, Hyderabad
  • ITC Classic Finance Ltd
  • State Bank of India